About Us

      CREED- Centre for Rural Education and Economic Development has been involving in development and empowerment interventions among the socially, economically poor and vulnerable sections of the society and also with disabled vulnerable people since from the inception 1987.   Initially it started its debut in the social action in Cuddalore District and on the basis of the need it had extended its activities two adjoining Districts Vilupuram and Perambalur. 

      CREED has curved out its own space, identity and fame through its ardent involvement in the set activities, achievement brought to its target people and active role in the macro level policy interventions. CREED has been increasingly becoming visible not only in the nearby district like Nagapattinam, Tanjavur,  but also in entire Tamilnadu State because of its key role in several developmental and Advocacy area.


A society in which all the people:

  • Live with pride, prosperous, and empowered to deal favorably with natural disasters.
  • Free from poverty, bondage, violence, rights violations, health hazards and health risks, opportunities leads to various types of victimization .
  • And have necessary personal qualities, individual and collective infrastructures.


      Empowering and developing the target communities to build their own life environment, necessary structures and systems, solve their own problems and issues and restore and rejuvenate from any natural disaster  to have control over the overall development process and their destiny through socio economic, rights, relief and rehabilitation and Good Governance interventions and community based organizations and networks.


  • Empowering women socially, economically, politically (related to local self government – PRI) and in asserting their rights for achieving equality in various aspects, social status, social leadership, personal autonomy and liberty through economic, rights, PRI, awareness and advocacy interventions.
  • Creation of empowered, healthy, able, violence and exploitation free and responsible children population in the target area for the purpose of overall personal (child), family, local area, state and the National development through childhood protection and promotional actions. 
  • Reduction of poverty and increasing the standard of life in the lives of rural poor, marginalized, and disadvantaged mass.
  • Protection of victims of various types of natural calamities/disasters through collective actions and rehabilitations interventions and capacitating the communities to effectively handle the same with less affect and turn the situation towards their favour by themselves.     
  • Empowerment and development of special groups of people like Tribal, Disabled, to achieve increased standard of life, equality and resourceful.
  • Creation of sanitary, healthy and dust and waste free life environment in the target area and building sustainable structure and systems.
  • Reduction of the vulnerability of the various target people to health risks and dangers to lead healthy and long life through appropriate behavioral change processes, curative and prevention actions and creation of conducive social environment.
  • Creation of responsible citizens to play their roles effectively in the society and lead their life and life situations confidently and professionally.
  • Facilitating the target communities to lead towards sustainable development through promotion of various types of sustainable agricultural practices